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What is BGNJ?

BGNJ is a neighborhood (if you'll pardon the hackneyed metaphor) composed of personal journals and group communities. It arose out of a desire by Brin to give the users of the Forum the ability to get more out of bg.n. I hope it grows well beyond that.

Anyone can create a journal and set whatever privacy level makes them most comfortable. All people are welcome here with the understanding that everyone on here is a person and that they should be treated no differently than you would if you were sitting across the table from them. Abuse will not be tolerated, but disagreements, even heated ones, will occur.

The code for this site is really dense and confusing, despite many months of working with it, so there are a lot of bugs still, I know. Please do notify Brin of what you find and how you found it. Thank you!

I can not be anywhere near as hands-on here as I have been on the forum because BGNJ is (hopefully going to be) a much more sprawling, open place where people will find and form their own networks. That doesn't mean I won't be responsive, it just means I expect everyone to be a grown-up. Please make yourself at home :D

Getting Started

Create A Journal
Come and create your very own BGNJ!
Update Journal
Update your BGNJ from the web.
Select Style
Customize your BGNJ's appearance and options.

Other Options

Edit Profile
Edit your personal information and preferences.
Edit Journal Entries
Edit or delete journal entries you've made in the past.
Edit Circle
Edit your list of people to track from your BGNJ reading page.

Tech Support & Documentation

Mail the support team and get a quick answer to your question.